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      During any refurbishment process, the device is opened, inspected and resealed. This voids the device's water-resistant rating. Learn More
      To reduce waste, headphones and charging accessories are sold separately. Learn More
      Experts test and verify that each product is 100% functional before it leaves the factory. This is why you benefit from a 1-Year warranty.
      Network connection
      Battery capacity (80%+)
      Front and rear cameras work
      Buttons work
      No oxidation
      Screen is bright
      Vibration mechanism works
      SIM reader works
      Clean IMEI
      Fully sanitized
      Not blacklisted
      Factory reset
      Not financed
      Flash works
      Not lost or stolen
      TouchID / FaceID works
      Recognizes a charger
      Speakers work
      Microphone works
      WiFi and Bluetooth work
      Proximity sensor works
      Earn up to $350 on your old phone
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      iPhone XS
      Works on any carrier
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      Better for the planet
      By buying refurbished instead of new, you are encouraging reuse, fighting electronic-waste & eliminating 56kg of CO2 factory emissions.